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Our company is located in ShangHai China, which has one of the biggest industry areas and the largest markets. YunYao is one of professional manufacturer and exporter for all kinds of heat-seal, sewn, and hand work products.Clothes,Shoes,etc

Meanwhile, ShangHai is the famous marketplace to distribute the electronics and cyber products. YunYao has a good relationship with some cooperated factories which are specialized in all kinds of electronics and cyber products.

Our team is always striving for the novelty, multi-function, fashion and quality. It is the most significant achievement that we will bring our pop products and happiness all over the world. YunYao people also regard the credit and trust as the infinite and greatest power, with which we will develop and promote our businesses greatly and rapidly. We will be proud of clients praises by fulfilling all orders and transactions, no matter how big it is, we will dedicate our time and energy for every order.

If you choose YunYao, you'll not only have an efficient partner, but also choose the security, comfort and happiness. This is also the terminal mission of us to provide the best services, reasonable prices and quality goods. We will sincerely and faithfully expect that more and more customers and partners who are kind and earnest contact us for long term relationship and mutual benefit.